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Product Designer
Web Developer

About Me

Solutions drive me. I love the process of figuring out how to make things work.

Formulating ideas, making them happen, and seeing results are some of my favorite things. When design meets data, I’m in my happy place.

Design Thinking

I think creatively with a human-centered approach.

Research Driven

Quantitative and qualitative data are important to me when making decisions.

Dev Knowledge

Coding since middle school, I generally understand how applications work.


Problem Solving

Solving problems has been the lifeblood of my career.

attentli screens
Attentli: An app that uses reminders at intervals specified by the user to activate memory and help maintain focus on the task at hand.

My Projects

Work That Spans From Product Ideation Through Post Launch

✔ Brainstorming
✔ Information Architecture
✔ Wireframing
✔ Mockups
✔ User Flows
✔ Site Mapping
✔ More
✔ Some Javascript
✔ Some PHP
✔ WordPress


“I’m convinced you’re part superhuman.”
- Elizabeth M.