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Hi, I'm Allison!

Product & UX Designer

My passion lies in crafting experiences that not only enhance users’ everyday lives but also bring joy and delight. I believe in the power of design to make a meaningful difference and am committed to creating products that are empowering and accessible.

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✨📱✨ Check out my app, Attentli, which helps those with attention differences like ADHD reduce distraction time.
🐁 I also post a weekly list of helpful or interesting UX links called Curated Clicks.

About Me

From a young age, I have been driven by creativity, filling notebooks with drawings and using reams of paper to print my Microsoft Paint designs. In middle school, I learned to code, drawn to its potential to bring ideas to life but also to make my AOL profile the coolest. My fascination with technology and its intersection with human experience deepened. This naturally propelled me towards a career in UX design, where I could blend my technical skills with my innate sense of empathy and aesthetics. I have remained committed to refining my craft, constantly seeking innovative ways to enhance user experiences and tackle complex problems.

Project Leadership

I've acted as Lead UX Designer for high-visibility projects overseeing the entire design process.

Diverse Work Experience

My work includes product and web spanning across enterprise, SMB, government, SaaS, and B2B spaces.

Accessibility Focused

I believe accessibility is for everyone and ensure my work adheres to WCAG standards.

Development Knowledge

Coding since middle school, I keep the development process in mind when designing.

portrait of Allison Nance
^ This is me, Allison
Allison and her husband
^ I married this guy in 2011
Allison's kids feeding an alpaca
^ I'm a mom to three kids
The Nance family cat, Luna
^ This is our cat, Luna
Pulpit Rock on Cheaha Mountain
^ I'm located in Anniston, AL

My Work

My Latest Work

My projects at Agileana included websites for the National Archives Museum and US Courts. Designs for these projects are still under wraps but will be launched soon!


Contribution overview:
Lead UX designer driving discovery, workshops, research, information architecture, and design
Built design system for US Courts
Ensured WCAG compliance

National Archives Museum Logo
United States Courts Logo
Workspace booking calendar booking screens with calendar and booking options

Supporting the Future of Work

Workspace Booking for Calendar for a New Way of Working

For organizations adopting the hybrid work model, hot desking and hoteling are two office space management concepts that are becoming increasingly popular. To facilitate this, companies use software solutions that allow employees to book the space they need when they need it. This workspace booking calendar presents the user with a simple but highly informative interface to book their space.

Contribution overview:

Information architecture
Functionality planning (rules and options)
Presentations to stakeholders
Flows and protocol for user testing
UX/UI design

Creating Delightful Experiences

Interaction Design

Interaction design can take a product from a cold, digital experience to a more tangible, human one. This gallery displays some of the interaction design projects I have been a part of. 


Contribution overview:
Gathered project requirements
Ideation and iterating
UX/UI design
Presentation to stakeholders

Screen showing transition animation form logout page to login page
Group of screens showing Stratas ATS

Simplifying Recruiting

Stratas is a multi-module intelligence platform designed for the transportation industry that brings together competitive intelligence, talent supply and demand, and granular campaign performance.

Contribution overview:

Analytics data analysis
Design competitive analysis
Feature planning
Information architecture
Presentations to stakeholders
UX/UI design
QA after handoff

Reducing Distraction Time for Those With Attention Differences

Attentli Mobile App

Reminder apps, alarm apps, and timer apps are commonly used to assist with staying focused and task completion. However, individuals with attention difficulties, such as ADHD, may find these apps less effective. Although these apps can provide initial reminders, they may not provide sufficient accountability for staying focused and completing the task at hand.

In what way can an app offer this accountability? Attentli is designed to use regular sound or vibration reminders at intervals specified by the user to activate memory and help maintain focus.


Contribution overview:
Product discovery research
User research
Design competitive analysis
Concept testing
Ideation and iterating
UX/UI design

(This case study is currently in the works. If you would like to know more, I would love to talk to you about it.)

Group of screens showing the Attentli app timer and settings