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Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. - Steve Jobs

Curated Clicks – Feb 12, 2024

Allison Nance - February 12, 2024 - 0 comments

A compilation of links I found particularly interesting or helpful during the past week. These are mostly related to UX design or research but can include other things that inspired me or I found fun. 


Dark Mode Design
A really nice collection of websites that have a dark-mode theme. 

Landing page design inspiration

Insightful Articles

***While I did read these articles, I used AI to help me write (most) of the summaries. Work smarter 😉

Tackling the Social Costs of the Digital Divide
This article delves into the societal implications of the increasing reliance on digital services. It highlights the challenges faced by vulnerable user groups in accessing and using online platforms. It emphasizes the importance of understanding the nature of the digital divide, which encompasses factors such as digital literacy, affordability, and cultural barriers. The piece calls for UX designers and organizations to address these inequalities by building inclusive and user-friendly digital solutions. It also presents examples of good design practices aimed at bridging the gap. Ultimately, the article advocates for a comprehensive approach to digital inclusion. This involves not only addressing practical barriers but also examining broader societal factors to ensure that no user is left behind in the digital age.

Opportunities for AI in Accessibility
There are various applications where AI could positively impact people with disabilities. Those include generating alternative text for images, matching algorithms for employment opportunities, voice preservation, voice recognition, and text transformation. It underscores the necessity of diverse teams and inclusive data sets in AI development to ensure equitable outcomes and avoid perpetuating biases or harm.

Demographics Suck and are From Some Other Era
This article is more focused on marketing but can also be applied to UX. It argues relying solely on demographics fails to capture the complexity of human behavior and preferences. This leads to ineffective and often insulting marketing efforts. Instead, the author advocates for a shift toward understanding customers based on their behaviors, tasks, and knowledge, which requires deeper qualitative research and observation. 

New Browser Windows and Tabs
This article by NNg came in handy this week while I was trying to determine if a link should be opened in a new tab or in the same window. It emphasizes the long-standing usability guideline against opening new browser windows or tabs. There are also scenarios provided where opening new tabs or windows is appropriate. 


Google’s experimental AI note-taking app that allows you to upload your own sources for it to reference.

An AI assistant that records, transcribes, highlights, and summarizes your meetings. 

For Fun

360 videos and photos from some of the most beautiful locations. While they are fun to explore, they can also be purchased for your project. 

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